User first, designer second.

I think my designs should improve and enhance the well as look nice too.


Identify the issue(s) we need solve, gather information around our target users, and define requirements on what we need in a solution.


Generate ideas through informed rapid iterations, collaborate and gain feedback to sharpen these iterations, test designs to maintain accuracy, and set the foundational structure of the solution. Repeat as needed.


Create an informed accurate design, define pixel-perfect guidelines for the solution, test designs when possible, and make the user smile.

Omni Automation

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Designing Voice and Touch Screen Interfaces for a Smart Home System

Omni Automation approached our professor with an opportunity to help them with their home control experience. Their initial prototype consisted of a rough wall interface. With their initial prototype in mind, we sought to expand on their home control functionalities to include a voice interface and a mobile application. In partnership with my cohorts Kara Bougher and Sahithi Muvva, we executed on delivering a voice and mobile prototype of this system.

Role: Research, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Voice Design, Design Strategy, Design Mentor

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Working at Salesforce

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Various Projects using UX Knowledge

Currently, I’m employed at Salesforce as a UX Designer on products Audience Studio, Data Studio, and Advertising Studio. There are many parts of my work I would love to showcase, however in order to reserve visibility for only publics designs of our products and hinder duplication I can only speak to people in person about a good portion of my work. In the meantime, I can tell you about my processes and give a glimpse at what I do.

Role: Design Strategy, Product Design, Design Research

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Marketing Cloud Android

Weaving 2 Design Systems to Deliver a Product

The Marketing Cloud Mobile Application is a free product that allows users to monitor their key Marketing Cloud assets and take essential action on those assets. The problem was that this was only available for iOS. I and an intern needed to design a good, feasible application for android in a month. This project required a ton of collaboration between my cohort Kaustubh Barde (amazing designer, btw), the developers, and the product owner.

Role: Design Strategy, Lead Design, Visual Design, Design Partner

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