Ag Printers: Redesign

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A Redesign tailored towards the Users

Ag Printers needed a new website. Users were having issues an outdated version of the website and were having issues reaching basic target goals. The solution was a redesigned website more tailored to the needs of the company’s clientele. Our target audience were 1.) Commercial Seed Company Owners/Officials and 2.)Smaller, non-commercial farmers.

Role: UX/UI Design, Interaction Design, Web Development, Information Architecture

Ag Redesign

"How might we create a modern, functional, mobile-first experience for clients who work in the field and have an office?"

Research and Requirements

We discussed the issue that Ag Printers needed from a client perspective, and what the issues were considering the user's perspective.

Using the info gathered, I put together some personas. After walking through those, I sat down and identified requirements with the client. I used these as a basis for designing the website.

Information Architecture

I wrote out the information architecture of the new website. I needed to know where the user was going to design accordingly, and to make sure the user didn't have to be thinking hard to achieve their goal!

Lots of iteration happened here. I chatted and rechatted with my resource closest to the users on how they think and ( while referring back to the personas) crafted an easy site map that considered the majority of use cases of the users.

Iteration and Workflow

Sketch, resketch, and sketch some more! Various iterations on the website’s multiple pieces were done in order to flow out all the ideas of how the site will appear/interact/work. I also mapped out some workflows on various parts of the website to further know what the user flow will (hopefully) be with this design.

Responsive Design was incorporated into the design to connect to some of the personas’ goals with this site. Users may use each device for slightly different use case. It was still important, however, to maintain a closely similar experience on each device.

UI Design & Development

Careful planning of style of the UI (colors, flat vs skeuomorphic, etc.) was important in getting across the message of the company accurately.

Flat design was used as a more modern feel than the previous design. The color palette was chosen as both a symbiotic color combination and to match the design requirements of the company. Green used as the “active, important” color, light gray as the content holder, black/dark gray as the foundation, and orange (in the app side) as the final “call to action”.

In cycles of development I tested a section within the website with the closest

Interaction Design & Development

For every action a user takes there needs to be an equal or opposite reaction. An empty form must throw an error; A link must highlight; etc. Careful testing and re-testing of the interface was executed to 1.)Keep the user always informed, 2.) verify no system errors for the user to receive, 3.) inform the user easily and accurately if he or she had incorrectly done something, and 4.) enhance the experience!

In cycles of development I tested a section within the website with those most similar to the target audience. It was important to gather feedback during this cycle with the time I had in order to closer reach the best type of product for the users of this site.

The interactions differed slightly from whichever device the target audience may use, since users may use each device for slightly different use case. As said above, however, the overall experience needed to be maintained.



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